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The MESA stands for Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement. 

When did MESA start?

The MESA program started in the 70’s and is still currently running today. 

What does MESA do?

The MESA program works with students from elementary schools all the way up to colllege.  Some of the various activities that MESA takes part in include holding competitions for students, arranging field trips, and taking part in various science activities. The programs goal is  to assist students from underprivileged communities and those that are first generation college students get into college. 

What is MESA Day?

MESA Day is a huge event where many schools that are involved in a centers program (usually like a UC or CSU) take part in an all day friendly competitive event.  Students bring projects that they have been working on for weeks and months to illustrate their productivity and success through their hard work.  In addition, the program offers a friendly competitive environment to help students get a handle of real world experiences.  Teaching students to work together and understand the competition of the world is a valuable lesson that many students will take.  And although not all students can come home with a trophy or medallion, students leave a little more hopeful and determined to succeed next year, which becomes their drive for success.

Usually these large events are done in parts.  Some centers will hold a Local Competition, where schools participating at UCI MESA center will compete to represent the center at the Regional MESA Day (which is a larger competition).  Students who qualify from the Local Competition will have the opportunity to move on and compete with other MESA centers’ students who have qualified as well.  In some special cases like the Multipurpose Vehicle competition, there will be a national competition event.