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Vision Statement

Upon entering High School, all students at Davis Middle School will be proficient or Advanced Learners.

Mission Statement

All students at Davis Middle School will have an equal opportunity to receive an education that is rigorous, enriching, and culturally relevant. They will be provided an environment that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning. All members of the learning community will participate in promoting the academic and holistic growth of all students. Teachers will interact with students in a manner that is respectful, courteous, and professional. As a result of this relationship, students will have high regards for their teachers and other adults at the school site. All members of the learning community will value education as a process that opens students’ minds to critical thinking and creative activity. We recognize that the mastery of academic skills is our primary goal. However, we recognize that learning goes beyond the walls of a classroom and does not end with the school years. Ultimately, students will become productive members of society who will be able to function in a culturally diverse global environment.